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Company Overview
Corporate Comprehensive Management Consultants (CCMC) is a team of multi-disciplinary consultants providing consulting support for a broad spectrum of industries in various areas. Since CCMC’s inception in 1996, Dr. S. Pandey , Managing Director and Team Leader of CCMC has given management consultancy in India a unique ‘value’ balance – practicing scientism (the value for truth) in management to serve commercial value (the growth of the business organization). At CCMC preserving human dignity is considered an important value; we consider customer primacy a core value.
CCMC Values

  • Scientism – Value for truth, fact-based-management, self-correction and learning

  • Humanism – Love and mutual regards for fellow human beings
  • Customer Primacy – Unconditional positive regards for the customer, both within and outside the organization

CCMC’s research-intensive approach to consultancy has evolved considerably since its inception and more and more organizations are evincing keen interest in the unique process through which they can benefit from CCMC’s services. From global multinationals, to home-grown entrepreneurs, CCMC’s client base has not only become widespread and diverse; but has also attracted several professionals to join in CCMC’s learning oriented work processes.
With CCMC, clients are unlikely to be offered a solution, merely because it is a raging management fad. Through research, clients are most likely to identify the core issues to be addressed and therefore approach the problems on a sounder footing than several other off-the-shelf, quick-fix management solutions. Our consultancy team is well trained in research methodology and also adept at implementing the method of science to business problems. Our focus on research distinguishes us from other consultancies in that we do not push ‘pet’ solutions to ‘known’ problems. Methodical investigation and explanation of the problem situation translates into confident planning and implementation of all projects.

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